Yellow Magnolia Café

Yellow Magnolia Café

The days are getting longer and sunnier, and I find myself making more and more frequent hops to the parks and gardens, away from the noise and the city’s scorching heat. There I let myself get lost in the blooming flowers and lush trees, wandering to wherever the sound of the chirping birds lead me. On one particular day, they led me past blossoming peonies, sleepy wisteria, and eventually left me on the steps of the lily pool terrace, where I followed my nose to a secret delicious hideaway – the Yellow Magnolia Café.brooklyn rose garden 17yellow magnolia 1brooklyn rose garden 9Not a Hansel and Gretel story I assure you! And definitely much better than the gingerbread house. The Yellow Magnolia Café is a beautiful brunch and lunch spot overlooking the water lily pool inside the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Glancing at the menu, you’ll find fresh, seasonal vegetables from local farms and sometimes even the garden itself.yellow magnolia cafe 13yellow magnolia cafe 1yellow magnolia cafe 7yellow magnolia cafe 9yellow magnolia cafe 5yellow magnolia cafe 4yellow magnolia cafe 14Promise me you’ll try the brûlée blood orange french toast! It’s deliciously infused by fresh citrus and the perfect combination of crunchy and fluffy soft, definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. The spring vegetable crudité is the best way to sample your spring and summer fresh greens. Slurp some daikon noodle. It looks like angel hair pasta but is way healthier with its tasty cashew cream and black beans. And don’t forget to get your paws on the house fish tacos, all super delicious and sustainably sourced.

yellow magnolia cafe 3yellow magnolia cafe 2yellow magnolia cafe 12yellow magnolia cafe 11yellow magnolia cafe 15yellow magnolia cafe 10yellow magnolia cafe 6yellow magnolia 2Happy and full, I took a stroll in the nearby rose garden, where thousands of roses blossomed under the sun and filled the air with their own unique fragrances. brooklyn rose garden 18brooklyn rose garden 14brooklyn rose garden 8brooklyn rose garden 11brooklyn rose garden 5brooklyn rose garden 6brooklyn rose garden 15brooklyn rose garden 20brooklyn rose garden 7brooklyn rose garden 12brooklyn rose garden 2brooklyn rose garden 13brooklyn rose garden 3brooklyn rose garden 19

Come to the garden, smell and get lost among the flowers, and treat yourself with the season’s freshest and tastiest at the Yellow Magnolia Café (you can reserve a table here). Isn’t this what summer is all about?

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