The Boba Room

The Boba Room

From the Ball Pitt for grown-ups to the Museum of Ice Cream, New York is never in shortage of fun and whimsical things to do. And now, there’s a new talk of the town – The Boba Room – a colorful pop-up exhibit devoted to all things boba tea.

the boba room 1the boba room 32the boba room nyc 4the boba room 23the boba room 12the boba room nyc 6the boba room nyc 5the boba room 27the boba room 22the boba room nyc 2the boba room nyc 7the boba room 24I played my heart out in this dreamland filled with giant bubbles and neon art, jumping, kicking, twirling and laughing as enormous balloons, gummy hearts, smiley faces and lollipops floated all around me. You really feel like you’re drifting inside a cup of bubble tea, holding on to the straw for dear life while swimming through all the delicious boba bubbles.

the boba room nyc 10the boba room nyc 9the boba room nyc 12the boba room nyc 14the boba room nyc 11the boba room nyc 13the boba room 28the boba room nyc 3the boba room nyc 8the boba room 25the boba room 26the boba room 29Being NYC’s first and largest pop-up theme park for all boba tea lovers, The Boba Room, created by Chaimi Food Studio, is where you’ll find New York’s trendiest boba makers like Vivi Bubble Tea, Gong Cha, PaTea, Tea and Milk and Luv Tea. If you’re not familiar with what a bubble tea is, it’s a delicious tea-based drink blended with milk and freshly made chewy fruit tapioca jelly balls bouncing around in the bottom of the cup. There’re many different flavors to choose from, and it’s tastier than tea and definitely healthier than coffee. the boba room 21the boba room 31the boba room 16the boba room 15the boba room 14the boba room 20the boba room 18the boba room 30the boba room 33the boba room 17Bounce by this adorable bubble tea exhibit and have a sip!

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