Snow Day in Central Park

Snow Day in Central Park

New York has finally welcomed it’s first major winter storm.

White, fluffy, powdery snowflakes spiraled down from the sky, brushing through the skyscrapers before gracefully landing on the ground. Our wild concrete jungle had never looked this tame and peaceful. The sea of pure, silvery snow stretched out to the horizon. No footprints to be seen.

And I decided to go out and take a walk in Central Park.

central park snow trees

the dreamy bunny central park snow cute winter outfit red coat beret

central park snow

snow central park nyc

cute winter style coat gloves hat beret

I mean, how often do you get to see this? Deserted streets, zero traffic, only the sound of the horse-drawn carriages passing by in the snow…I couldn’t possibly miss this opportunity to see a facade of the city I’d never seen before.

horse carriage central park winter

central park winter snow

cute classy winter outfits red fit flare coat beret leather gloves   nyc new york city dog

central park snow dog

The snow finally subsided, leaving me to admire the clear sky under the wings of the angel.

central park bethesda fountain   bethesda fountain snow

central park bethesda terrace arcade snow

I strolled into the setting sun, shaking snow off my tail, warming myself up under the glorious warm rays.

central park winter snow sunset

central park bow bridge snow

And shared the view with a friend I ran into, also shaking snow off its tail.

central park snow squirrel

I walked home feeling beyond grateful for being able to live in this ever-changing city that looks different everyday but is always breathtakingly beautiful.

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