Snack like a Shanghai Lady

Snack like a Shanghai Lady

I love Earl Grey and finger sandwiches, but there are times when I prefer my savory and steaming Chinese tea – the dim sum.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, I woke up to a growling stomach, opened my fridge and shook my head, and popped down to Chinatown for some delectable snacks.

I followed my nose right into Shanghai Asian Manor.

chinese restaurant nyc

The restaurant itself might seem small, but the food is guaranteed to fill you up. See? The kids totally agreed with me. They just kept coming in.

shanghai restaurant nyc

Starting off with my favorite steamed shrimp dumplings.

shrimp dumplings

Followed by plenty of pan fried pork buns. Juicy and succulent, they can make the perfect comfort food.

pan fried pork buns

I know what you’re thinking: not healthy! Okay, how about some hand-pulled noodles swimming in a hearty broth of seafood and vegetables?

hand pulled noodles soup seafood vegetables

If you’ve ever seen the process of making hand-pulled noodles, you’d be fascinated by the sight. Folded in half again and again, the dough is stretched and slapped on a hard surface, making it incredibly chewy.

hand pulled noodles

And at last, the arrival of the famous Shanghai soup dumplings.

soup dumplings

To dine like a proper Shanghai lady (or gentleman), refrain yourself from diving right into the dumplings the second they arrive at your table. Give it a couple minutes, let them cool down a little. By doing this, you avoid tearing up the dumplings and emptying all the juices when the skin is still too soft from all the heat. Now, very gently pick up the dumpling with your chopsticks and place it on your spoon. Chomp down the knot on the top and allow the steam to escape first, then suck the broth out.

how to eat soup dumplings

I came hungry and left happy. It was surely a delicious afternoon snack that’s as satisfying as a full meal.

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  1. Love your food posts! I usually just eat mac’n’cheese lol but I’ve learned so much about other kind of yummy food from you!

  2. Thank you for opening my eyes to something so delicious! Can’t believe I’ve never tried the soup dumplings before! 🙂

  3. NYC Chinatown has so many little restaurants I never know which one is good…will follow your suggestion and give this one a go! 🙂

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