Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

One of the best things about summer in NYC is the sea of ice cream trucks popping up everywhere around the blocks, serving up the perfectly swirled soft served ice cream you’ll ever find. No need to sprint out the door at the sound of that joyful ice cream tune, only to stare at the truck cruising by and disappearing around the corner. In New York, these super adorable, eye-catching sweets homes will greet you at every turn. They’re so cute that sometimes you can’t help but wonder if you could just make one your own and take it wherever you go…wait, maybe you can do just that! How about an ice cream truck handbag? Sound sweet?

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ice cream truck handbag   cute summer dress outfits

ice cream truck bag

Cherry, sweet cream, mint chip, Americano…what’s your flavor of the month? When I first saw this adorable Kate Spade New York ice cream truck bag at the spring/summer 2016 NYFW, I knew I had to have it. The mint green exterior is lined with 14k light gold and crystal embellishments, sparking all the way and putting you right into that playful summer mood. Inside the spacious, pink lined pocket, you can stash your phone, cards, keys, lipsticks and all your other precious sweet treats. Wear it either as a crossbody shoulder bag or carry it as a clutch. Either way, it’s guaranteed to attract lots of attention. Got the scoop?

ice cream truck bag 4   ice cream truck purse

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summer swing dress

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ice cream truck bag 6

I cruised around town with my ice cream truck in a very simple-looking, white cotton swing dress and a white straw hat, paired with some woven wrapped wedge sandals. The subtle, intricate flower details and the swing silhouette really made it the perfect white summer dress.

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ice cream truck bag anthropologie cottonwood swing dress   summer styles long straight hairnew york summer fashion

lace flower detail dress   white embroidered swing dress paired hat

anthropologie white dress hat ice cream bag ankle strap sandals   ice cream truck bag 2

summer in nyc fashion

I ended the night with my flavor of the month, cherry, before the ice cream guys drove the big truck away. I’ll miss you Mr. Mint…until tomorrow, when I’ll be back for a vanilla scoop. For now, I’m happy to take the little one home!

new york ice cream truck   nyc ice cream truck

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  1. I love your summer white dress! It’s so pretty I love how cute it looks with your hat and your ice cream truck bag!

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL post!! Your smile just brightened up my day. I just ordered the ice cream truck bag because you looked so cute and sweet wearing it! 🙂

  3. I love your style it’s so chic and innocently beautiful! I’m gonna buy everything in this post so I can look like you. 🙂

  4. Love those pictures of you in front of the wall mural! How come I can never find cute spots like this in the city.

  5. I’m obsessed with your makeup in this post! It’s so light and summary and has this sweet innocent look! 🙂

  6. Love the details on the dress and the hat. I have a white hat too but never got to make it look good on me. I’ll try it with this dress. 🙂

  7. What a perfect look for summer! Sweet, cute, and so refreshing!! I love those pictures of you in front the ice cream truck that looks exactly like your bag!!

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