Fluffs, Sweets & Sunday Best

Fluffs, Sweets & Sunday Best

For people like me obsessed with bunnies and all things cute and fluffy, it’s needless to say that the New York City Easter Parade is something I look forward to every year. It’s like a huge block party where everyone goes all out with the most elaborate, colorful and outlandish costumes that they themselves created and put together. My family and I go every year and it’s always so fun to see the newest and coolest designs. After saying hi to Hoppit the Rockefeller Center Easter bunny, we jumped into the sea of bonnets and danced our way up Fifth Avenue with our fellow New Yorkers and tourists alike, greeting bunnies, flowers, chicks, eggs,  fluffs and hoomins in their Sunday best, and NYC’s most beloved landmarks floating on the top of people’s beautiful hats. nyc easter parade 16nyc easter parade 18nyc easter parade 3nyc easter parade 22nyc easter parade 5nyc easter parade 4nyc easter parade 1nyc easter parade 21nyc easter parade 12nyc easter parade 2nyc easter parade 19nyc easter parade 23nyc easter parade 8nyc easter parade 7nyc easter parade 31nyc easter parade 17nyc easter parade 20We completely lost ourselves in this adorable bonnet festival, laughing and hopping under the sweet Spring sky and taking thousands of pictures with the best dressed until our stomach suggested it’d like to meet someone sweet too. So we hopped down to Dominique Ansel and met Mr. Bunny Religieuse, who was obviously too cute to eat. We stumbled upon a baby store filled with the cutest stuffed animals on our way and I just couldn’t contain my restless paws.nyc easter parade 11nyc easter parade 26nyc easter parade 10nyc easter parade 28nyc easter parade 13nyc easter parade 9nyc easter parade 25nyc easter parade 14nyc easter parade 29nyc easter parade 30nyc easter parade 15

Wish you all had a super fun and fluffy Easter Sunday!

Outfit Details:

Midi Skirt, Ruffled Sweater, Hat

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  1. So many colorful and furry friends! What a happy and bright event! Your dress fits in all those places so well because it matches with all those colors.

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