Chasing Waterfalls, Iceland

Chasing Waterfalls, Iceland

After spending some relaxing time walking around beautiful Reykjavik, we got on the white Ring Road and went chasing waterfalls. The sky was clear with lovely passing clouds, and the sun was shining on the glistening snow. With only six hours of daylight, we wanted to make sure we got to see as many places as we possibly could. Our first stop was the famous Gullfoss. As you walk closer to the waterfall, the view gets slightly obstructed, and the water looks like it’s falling and vanishing into the middle of the earth! You walk closer and start realizing just how massive it really is, and yet at the same time it’s also very magically quiet. I like to call it the sleeping waterfall, and it’s truly a serene and peaceful sight to behold. We also made a quick visit to the Geysir, where eruptions of boiling water shot up into the sky like steam skyscrapers. iceland waterfalls 48iceland waterfalls 26iceland waterfalls 27iceland waterfalls 5iceland waterfalls 28iceland waterfalls 25iceland waterfalls 6iceland waterfalls 4iceland waterfalls 3As we arrived at our next waterfall, Seljalandsfoss, it started snowing again and the wind had the snowflakes dance and twirl right into the waterfall. I climbed onto the bridge and let the water and the snow brush through. Surprisingly, winter in Iceland wasn’t as cold as we expected. It might snow often but somehow it felt even warmer than the coldest winter days back in the city. The snow was always so fluffy and powdery, and it felt amazing to feel the water and the snow fall together all around you.iceland waterfalls 11iceland waterfalls 29iceland waterfalls 32iceland waterfalls 9iceland waterfalls 12iceland waterfalls 30iceland waterfalls 31iceland waterfalls 13iceland waterfalls 10Behind the cliff walls, we found the secretive Gljúfrafoss. My brave beau led me through the narrow stream into a hollow cave, where the water came splashing down like lights from heaven. We climbed to the top of the big rock and let ourselves get soaked, exhilarated, and mesmerized by the falls. iceland waterfalls 17iceland waterfalls 14iceland waterfalls 44iceland waterfalls 51iceland waterfalls 35iceland waterfalls 34iceland waterfalls 16iceland waterfalls 37iceland waterfalls 36iceland waterfalls 15iceland waterfalls 18As the sun started to dip behind the horizon, we raced to our final waterfall of the day – Skógafoss. It was the beginning of the twilight hour and there was a magical cast of blue light surrounding the landscapes. The water, the snow, and the ice glowed like sapphire under the rising moon.iceland waterfalls 19iceland waterfalls 38iceland waterfalls 45iceland waterfalls 49

It was late at night when we finally made our way back to Reykjavik, where we warmed our paws in a beautiful restaurant and enjoyed a delicious Icelandic dinner of the freshest local fish. Later we walked around the little town all decked out for Christmas, and soon slipped into a deep slumber back at our hotel, dreaming about a wild day chasing waterfalls in the land of fire and ice.iceland waterfalls 50iceland waterfalls 21iceland waterfalls 40iceland waterfalls 46iceland waterfalls 24iceland waterfalls 22iceland waterfalls 47iceland waterfalls 41iceland waterfalls 23iceland waterfalls 42iceland waterfalls 43

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  1. Chasing waterfalls never looked so wonderful! Beautiful pictures. It must’ve been amazing seeing all those up close.

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