Arriving in Iceland

Arriving in Iceland

With only a map and a page of itinerary, my beau and I made a last-minute decision to hop on the plane and spend this past Christmas in Iceland. We’d been talking forever about how fun it would be to spend the Yule in the Nordic island to soak in all the folklore and traditions, and we just felt that this past winter was the perfect time to do it. Six hours later, we landed with the snowflakes and found ourselves in front of mighty Hallgrímskirkja.

iceland reykjavik 9iceland reykjavik 22iceland reykjavik 10iceland reykjavik 11iceland reykjavik 12iceland reykjavik 26We arrived in the quaint town of Rreykjavik early in the morning. Everyone was still sleeping and we felt like we had the whole town to ourselves. The Hallgrímskirkja church stood tall, giving off a solemn, mysterious ice-blue light in the twilight hour. A glimpse of the inside of the church had us completely awestruck by its stark, modern, magnificent simplicity. We spent some time just quietly sitting there to take in the beautiful view of the soaring arches gleaming in the coming daylight – a very purifying experience.

iceland reykjavik 21iceland reykjavik 13iceland reykjavik 14iceland reykjavik 15iceland reykjavik 2The little town was adorned with Christmas ornaments everywhere. It was such a surreal, wonderful feeling to explore around the town while the snow gently and slowly fell on you.

iceland reykjavik 27iceland reykjavik 18iceland reykjavik 16It was finally time for breakfast when the first light of dawn shone upon us. We snuggled into the adorable Cafe Loki, where we warmed our paws with some homemade rye bread, herring, smoked lamb and trout, and very good, old-fashioned hot chocolate.

iceland reykjavik 1iceland reykjavik 23iceland reykjavik 17iceland reykjavik 3After a very fulfilling and delicious meal, we headed to the blue lagoon for a geothermal spa treat. I actually think that it’s way more enjoyable to visit the lagoon after the sun is down. Not only because the crowd has already left, but also the warm water is now a beautiful deep, velvety blue color, which adds a layer of mystery and romance in the darkness. I stretched out and let myself float on my back, watching the milky way slowly drift by in the black sky.

iceland reykjavik 4iceland reykjavik 24iceland reykjavik 25It started snowing again when we returned back to town. All the houses were sparkling with some of the most beautiful holiday decorations we’d every seen! After a quick bite we went playing in the snow and ran around to see just how many Christmas trees we could spot.

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