Arriba Arriba

Arriba Arriba

What’s your idea of happy hours?

Amazing drinks? Great food? And, most importantly, wallet-friendly brew that doesn’t cost you $8 per glass?

You can find all of the above at Arriba Arriba, plus some authentic Mexican meals.

arriba arriba nyc

The second you walk in, you know that there’s always a fiesta happening.

arriba arriba nyc mexican restaurant

Crispy chips and savory salsa greet you the moment you sit down.

chips and salsa nyc

And the first thing you should do is? Ask for the frozen margaritas, claimed to be some of the city’s best.

frozen margaritas drinks nyc

In case you can’t decide, go with the watermelon margarita, and in size Papa.

watermelon margarita   watermelon margarita drink

Strong and sweet, just what you need.

frozen watermelon margaritas

I know it’s only happy hours but…I couldn’t resist that generous plate of camarones al chipotle. Creamy, tangy and spicy chipotle sauce comes splashing around an island made of tender shrimp, wholesome rice and hearty asparagus.

camarones al chipotle shrimp sauce

It’s so good that even the butterflies are asking for a bite! See them?

arriba arriba nyc restaurant

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