Alice’s Tea Cup

Alice’s Tea Cup

On a quiet morning, I followed the white rabbit and found myself at Alice’s Tea Cup. I pushed through the little door, all curious and excited, and stepped inside a cozy whimsical world of antique wood floors, magical butterflies and warm cookies in cute glass jars.alice tea cup 46alice tea cup 6alice tea cup 37alice tea cup 7alice tea cup 9alice tea cup 2alice tea cup 34alice tea cup 27alice tea cup 14alice tea cup 28alice tea cup 35alice tea cup 4Our delightful Mad Hatter afternoon tea arrived in tiered trays filled with homemade scones, sandwiches, cakes and cookies. Promise you’ll try the buttermilk scone! It tasted so incredibly good with the strawberry jam and clotted cream I wouldn’t mind eating it all day. But, the smoked salmon sandwich lured me away as I sank my teeth into the softest bread. We washed it all down with the light and refreshing fruit tea, accompanied by the deliciously creamy and moist mocha cake.alice tea cup 1alice tea cup 12alice tea cup 38alice tea cup 15alice tea cup 21alice tea cup 11alice tea cup 22alice tea cup 45alice tea cup 16alice tea cup 25alice tea cup 39alice tea cup 13alice tea cup 10alice tea cup 18alice tea cup 42alice tea cup 31alice tea cup 20Blue clad walls, embroidered chairs, quotes and paintings from the book all enticed and drew us right into the story of Alice in Wonderland. Look up! You’ll even see sparkling butterflies dancing across the turquoise Looking Glass Room.alice tea cup 3alice tea cup 41alice tea cup 29alice tea cup 30alice tea cup 40alice tea cup 5alice tea cup 36alice tea cup 44alice tea cup 32alice tea cup 23alice tea cup 17alice tea cup 19alice tea cup 24alice tea cup 47alice tea cup 33

Tick tock tick tock. Make way for dashing rabbits frantically checking their watches! Oh, and don’t be late to the tea party!

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  1. I love reading all your food posts! You really do take us on a foodie adventure of the prettiest food pictures and the most perfect outfits!

  2. I don’t know what to say but this is omg sooooo cute!!!!! All the food, that white bunny!!!, you in the beautiful blue dress!

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